This was my plan for "Game of the Week" announcements via social media. It would feature the following image as well as a link to the pre-game analysis posted on Monday/Tuesday prior to the game. The goal was to increase traffic on slower days by producing attention-grabbing image content to share on various social media accounts.
On game day, these images would be used to promote the big intraconference games that day. Below is our 'game preview' post - typically featuring two players to watch and an excerpt from our most recent article about the matchup.
This is an example of a post-game announcement. These were used the moment the games ended and proved to be quite viral - with shares commonly reaching over 5,000 via Twitter.
An example of our "Player of the Week" or "SEC Stud" announcement. These were done Sunday evening, highlighting the player we felt was most deserving of recongition following the weekend's games.
This is an example of a Facebook/Twitter score announcement image which would be tied with the featured story featuring analysis of the game. The idea was the grab the dominant color for the winning team to grab attention, as well as focus on the scores and highlight the football aspect. The goal was to get people who would scroll down their news feed to pause on this image.
This is an example of a scoreboard with a featured player. I went with a more vintage feel. This was going to be the original score/game conclusion announcement image, however I opted to go with the above example which was more in-line with our branding. I still liked this piece, so I've kept it.
For each big game of the week, the follow graphics were produced for Instagram. When seen on the profile page, they'd create a cohesive single image horizontally.
The following are simply general images created for Instagram & Twitter: